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I got everything done today that I needed/wanted to. *WOOT*
Adding the twill tape was interesting. I was told its a tailoring technique and it makes perfect sense, or at least it does now.....   Part of me was wondering why exactly this step was needed, since I have never had to do it before. And then some little lightbulb went on! DUH because its on the bias. So yea I am feeling all smart even if I am kind of stupid to have not gotten it right away.  It worked wonderfully once I coaxed the actual fabric with some ironing.
For the modesty panel I did a grid like pattern with my sewing of the boning channels. It was an experiment but I think it will work wonderfully. Bones went in smoothly so YEA!
I even got to marking the gromment holes for my Steampunk corset. I tried putting one in but gave up because Hubby is already asleep. Hammering that late would not be a good idea, so tomorrow.
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It has definatly been a full day of sewing. Feels like I don't have alot to show for it but  I know I got a lot done for me. All pieces are cut out for both corset A and corset B. Corset A is the corset/bodice for my Comic Con costume. Corset B is the corset for the revamped Steampunk arpon costume, which will be renamed as soon as it tells me its new name.
One layer of drill has been sewn together for Corset A. Took a little while because of the curves on it. That and my waist notches got off slightly. Kind of frusterating because I was being so careful about that. Before I sew up the next layer I will double... probably triple check my marks. And again just for my own record. Corset A actually had 20 pieces of drill. I forgot the modesty panel earlier. Then 10 pieces of fashon fabric that I will cut out later. Lots and lots of pieces!!!!!!
For corset B I pinned all the fashion fabric pieces to the drill pieces. I plan on sewing them all together so I can use them as one piece from then on. I started sewing them together.  Realised I needed to put the busk in before I could sew the pieces together on the Center Front. Did that. It went together so much easier using two layers then it did the first time I put it in. I sew to more panels together and then had to call it quits. I could feel myself getting into the "just hurry up and finish this" mood and didn't want to mess somthing up because I just wanted to be done. I wish I could blame the waist notches on that but no... that was just me messing up. *BLEH*

For the longest time my Little Man (Kit) had not been paying any attention to me sewing. His great interest was playing with the plastic boning and laying on newly bought silk, that was it. So I was starting to think I had lost my little sewing partner. Nope... I must of just been doing projects that he had no interest in. When I pulled out the Steampunk skirt and petticoat he crawled into the tulle at the bottom of the petticoat. As I was examining it he got the wild look in his eye and started pouncing me and fabric. Then today he gladly supervised me as I cut out the drill. My little sewing kitty is back. :)
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Cutting out lots of drill, cutting out lots of drill, la la la la la la cutting out lots of drill. Okay so I am going a wee bit crazy. I am singing that in my head to the tune of farmer in the dell.

I started last night and spent about 4 hours on it. It's been fun matching grain lines *sarcasam*. Unfornutaly one of the corsets I am cutting out for, may never have been put on grain in the first place so it may be a waste of time to be doing so now. The other I know was painstakingly put on grain so it will be easier. I just have to be really careful about adding my seam allowances back in for that one. While on my hour long search for the fashion fabric for one of the corset I was able to find scraps of drill. So all of the one corset, and four of the 18 panels on the other were cut from scraps. That always makes me happy. So 14 more panels to go. I am using two layers of drill for the strength/boning chanel portion of this corset in case anyone is wondering why the number is so high. Oh and I have to cut out the fashion fabric for the other corset. I guess I should get back to work.

Cutting out lots of drill, cutting out lots of drill, la la la la la la cutting out lots of drill
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So after finding out my husband will be seperating from the military. Future sewing projects and events have been put under review. Hubby is allowing me to still go to both Comic Con and Costume College because he knows how much I have been looking forward to them. I just have to do them as cheaply as humanly possible.
Comic Con will be just one costume. I might still go as a Jack, from Nightmare before Christmas, fan. But that only requires me to gather some Jack items together and wear them. That would make two costumes, but only one is being made and will cost me. Thankfully most of the fabric and what not is already bought. I will be buying some netting tomorrow, I need shoes, a wig, and some random materials to make a crown. Which is not to bad.....
For Costume College I really need to cut back on plans. My souper sekrit project that was suppose to be my gala dress, which turned into just getting the undies done for the undies breakfast, is totally being cut from this years line up. Hopefully next year if all goes well with moving, and finding jobs. I really want to make this dress and do it right. But to do that I need time and money which I don't have right now. So right now I have my Regency dress planned to wear. I do love that outfit, it makes me feel like a pretty pretty princess. I wore it to last years Costume Con but its okay to rewear costumes and it has never seen a Costume College.
I also want to finish up an outfit that was suppose to be my Steampunk apron out fit but now I have other ideas for it. So a little revamping and finishing up. Thankfully for the most part I have all the materials for that one. I may need a little more velvet trim but that is it.
I have my Steampunk Lolita still in my UFO bin but it requires to much additional materials to finish for Costume College.
I am hoping the Autumn dress will get to a wearable and decent looking state so I can wear that for my gala dress.... but I don't intend to hold my breath with that one. The Autumn dress has a way of throwing loops and obstacles so that it can remain forever the unfinished dress.
I do have a stash so I may be able to throw some small projects in but the rule is except for the Comic Con, and Autumn dress projects any new projects cannot cost more than $20 to complete. Even Comic Con and Autumn have a price range of $120 each. After that I have to get crafty because I can't spend any money.
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 The sleeves are not going together quite as easily as the gown part did. I am sure i am just reading the instructions wrong making it alot more difficult then it really is but as of right now my head just hurts. So I am putting it aside until later otherwise I will get frusterated with it and not want to play with it again for a long time. I threw a small sample scrap of the wool into the wash, cold water, gentle cycle, to see what happens to it. If everything is okay I will throw the main portion of the fabric so I can work on the apron tomorrow. Now to go find or start something else to do.


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