Apr. 29th, 2016

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Remind me to to do that when I come up for air in a few weeks. But I wanted to share a few pics taken for my class. There's a three fold reason for it. One, because its a prelude for when I do the implied nudity shoot. 2 because I feel I look sexy in them. and 3 because I go my first troll on my cosplay page. I don't feel like feeding the troll but that doesn't mean I'm not human. So rant and pics under cut. And yes its a rant. So maybe just look at the pics and not actually read what I say.
Sum up of their commet is I am a fat ass and shouldn't cosplay because no body wants to see it. Except with more curse words and refrences to my fatness. What I wanted to say:

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And more from the shoot but of my friend. The last one is a picture of a picture. Sorry for the poor quality. The assignment was lighting. I had so much fun with it.


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