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hahaha..... just kidding. I'm just being horribly snarky, because a similarly worded post rubbed me wrong last year. But I did find not wearing a costume at all times surprisingly freeing. And yet at the same time sad. I missed wearing something that allowed people to come up and talk to tme about. You all know I'm awkward as all hell so what I was wearing has always been my crutch for conversations. Also, and this part is going to sound vain, but I missed being in more pics because I wasn't in a costume. That MAY be a good thing though because I hated how I looked in almost all of the pics I saw, because of my low body image, but I still missed it. One of my favorite things is and has always been getting selfies with you guys.
Untitled Untitled

That said it was really nice to not have to get up early to get into a costume. I am so not a morning person. I think I need to have super easy costumes for the day from now on. And I mean SUPER easy. No corset, and I can dress myself type costumes. Which means retro/vintage or cosplay. The other conclusion I came to this year was I don't want to change into a different costume Friday day vs Friday night. The social is so short and for introvert me SOOOOOO uncomfortable that I don't feel like its worth it. So unless there is a group project or I just HAVE to show off this super cool costume I made during the year, I'm not going to plan on something separate.At least that is my thought process right now. Who knows maybe next year after school is over with and life doesn't feel quite as overwhelming, I will change my mind.
I took two limited classes this year. Fiber-optic fairy wings and worbla. I probably knew everything the teacher had to teach in the worbla class, BUT with being a hands on learner I appreciated the chance to play. I did a lot of stuff I've never done in the fiber optics class but she was a first time teacher and it showed. She needed more time for her class AND she didn't have all the supplies. I was grumbly, (could of been made worse by it being Sunday) but it wasn't bad enough to not recommend the class.
So those who went to the Gala or after gala.... why was it so different this year? I didn't dance at all. I really didn't want to be there.... Was it just me? I'll admit right away to this year being off for me. School has put my head in a weird place. My confidence is low, I quicker to irritate, depression and anxiety are kind of high so it may have just been me. I found myself in momentarily dark places throughout the weekend, and I know those were just me. But people were quick to agree when a quiet room after party was suggested so I am assuming it wasn't just me who was feeling off about the Gala. I am hoping its a fixable thing. I enjoy the gala. I love seeing everyone in their prettiest pretties or coolest new costume. I enjoy sitting down to a meal with those people and talking. And dang it I like the dancing to "I like big butts" and "I will walk 500 miles" and the such.
The last thing I can really talk about CoCo, is pictures. I had fun with it. I kind of wish I had been a little more pushy about it. "Hey you, let me take your picture." I can't tell you guys how much I like it, and how much I want to grow with it. But my shyness and self doubt got the better of me with it, (remember above when I said it was a theme). A couple people said something along the lines of, "oh if you want to take my pic you can but I already have good pics of this." so I would back off taking it to mean they didn't want me to take their pics. You know all the self doubt talking, "you're not good enough and they think you suck and don't want you to take their pic," kind of things. I need to get a more "Yea, but you don't have a picture taken by me" type of attitude... just not as conceited. :) I am disappointed in myself. I couldn't get my camera to work in the inside lighting. I gave up fairly early and its been bugging me ever since on why. I figured it out today. I didn't adjust my ISO. Such a rookie mistake. UGH!!!! Here's the LINK to the ones I did get from the weekend. A couple of the ones from my cellphone that are of me, are not taken by me. :)
A few of my favorites: If these are of you and you don't like them let me know and I will make them disappear.
I know I shouldn't like the first one from a photographer's standpoint. The shadows and highlights are a little too intense. But I ADORE it.


Whereas the first one of these is a personal victory. Perfect timing. And
I thank Katherine for being game to get soaked. I loved those beach pajamas. So elegant!
Merja is gorgeous inside and out. I was happy to catch her laughing.


She looks ethereal in some of these photos. A combo of the lighting, the white, the beads glittering, and well it being her..... I want to take pictures of this dress in candlelight!
Angela looked so elegant. I think this outfit flattered and fit her perfectly. I'm glad she allowed me to pull her outside to take pics.

My favorite pic of me from CoCo 2017
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I finished my midterms early and find myself lost, not knowing what to do with all my free time.  It'd be nice if I could pick up and do something productive..... but I've been lacking any real motivation to do anything. Except maybe cuddle a certain furball and eat.  But I don't want to dwell on the bad. Thats part of why I maintain radio silence on here. I don't want you all to hate reading my posts because the are so bleak.
WonderCon was last weekend. I got sick the day before so I didn't wear costumes the full run. Can't say I was overly disappointed. I wore a Captain America dress and just wondered the con floor. Surprisingly I got a lot of complements on the dress. We had dinner, Friday, with [livejournal.com profile] bauhausfrau,. I love seeing you all outside of CoCo. I think Meals were the highlights for me during the weekend. Friday with Loren and Saturday with military friends of the hubby and mine.
A few weeks back I was asked if I would make a Steampunk Captain America. I didn't think I would have time but it intrigued me. So I gave a tentive yes. I took the parts of my Burlesque Captain America and expanded on it. While Burlesque Captain America was tons of fun, especially with [livejournal.com profile] gilded_garb as my Bucky, I always felt SUPER self-concious. I got some good pics out of it and nows its been morphed. And I like it. Its still just version one because I ran out of time. But I like it! I felt completely comfortable, and really pretty. I have a few plans to make it resemble his uniform a bit more. white undersleeves, red spats, a hat with veil and a bigger star on the chest.
Great day at #wondercon. finding food then deciding if the ankles can handle going back. #cosplayer #wondercon2016 #wondercon #captainamerica #steampunk#steampunk #captainamerica #wondercon #wondercon2016 #cosplayer #cosplay
I was a little sad because I loved it so much but didn't have a ton of requests for pics. I was crying about it to my hubby and he told me it was because they were sniping pics and not asking me for them. He also told me that as they passed me they would say how cool it is. I told him he was lying and he insisted. He was walking behind me most of the time so he noticed it. I'd be lying if I said I didn't need that morale boost.
Sunday I wore Harley.

My next project is to finish my Victorian Ballgown in a week so I have it for the ball. After that.... not sure. I am still in a major slump. TONS of CADD but no desire to actually sew.
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This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind weekend! Lots of friends and lots of fun. Only two real negative things. I forgot a bag at home that had all the super cute extras I had planned for my new Luigi dress. They still had to be attached to the dress so I put them in my sewing bag and was going to work on them the night before at my friends house. But the sewing bag was forgotten on the back of my sewing chair. AGH! I got a lot of sweet compliments on the dress though, and the hubby pointed out I will be able to wear it again at SDCC and it will be the full final version. But still... kicking myself for that one. The other bad thing was my feet. But is there really much surprise there?
We got there Friday. I knew we would be driving in so I went with an easy costume, my Medical Shield agent. Not a lot of pictures, just selfies, because that is my lazy costume.
We celebrated my birthday dinner that night. It was very low key but it was great having so many friends that I don't get to see very often having dinner and drinks with me.
Saturday I  wore my new costume. Fireball Luigi. It was interesting doing my make-up for it. I had to go with a darker color scheme then I normally do because of the darker wig. I also wore fake lower lashes. Pretty sure I won't try those again. They are kind of a pain in the but and don't show up that well in pictures. Not like the top which do make a big difference.
This maybe one of the most comfortable cosplays I have every made. I didn't feel uncomfortable all day. Not just a physical comfort either. I wasn't second guessing myself and imagining people laughing at me and my weight, which in other cosplays/costumes is a constant.
Sunday I wore an oldie but goodie, my Captain Amreica. It may make me feel fat but I get a lot of comments on it. I had a couple little girls come up and ask for a picture with me. I love when kids want a pic with me, so that made my day!
Hubby said I can't post this one on Social Media (facebook or Instagram) because its to much of a boobie shot. But its okay if I share here. :)
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When I attended Wonder Con last year I didn't bring any costumes because we had never been to it before. I quickly regretted it. Of all the conventions I have been to this one had the highest costumed vs non costumed ratio I have seen. After taking an inventory of my costumes I choose to re-wear my Sleeping Beauty and Captain America costumes. I probably could of gotten away with wearing my Steampunk also but decided Friday would just be a civies day since I had class in the morning and would then have to drive out there. But even if you're wearing civies to a Con you can't just wear any 'ol thing... And I had promised L. a picture in the hat she made for me. So Friday I rocked my new Jayne hat and a Browncoat shirt.
Browncoat shirt
Saturday I wore my Capt. America. I really have a lot of fun with that one. And for the most part its a really easy one to get into and wear. I still need to adjust the shoulder area of the top to be completely happy with it. But that's not bad enough that it makes wearing it not fun for me. I did notice my 15 weight loss has changed my shape enough that the corset will need adjusting soon. The bottom touches in the back and I could put my hand between it and my body. If I lose anymore weight before CoCo I will adjust take it in, and probably add a few extra bones and red stripes. If I don't lose the weight I probably won't bother. I still have a Gala gown to make!
For kicks and giggles I  took pictures with any Captain America related costumes I saw. I think it's a tradition I want to continue. For one it forces me out of my shell and makes me talk to people. And the other reason is I get my picture with some awe inspiring costumers. Here are two of my favorite Capt. America shots, and both of them were SUPER nice when I was talking to them.
DSC_0575                          DSC_0596
Another tradition my husband and I do is give blood whenever its an option at a Con. I couldn't tell you why we started doing this, but back in 2010 at Comic Con we did and we have done it ever since. So Saturday we gave blood. I was feeling poorly later in the day, which I am sure was because of giving blood and not able to catch back up with hydrating so I did spend a few hours just sitting and people watching. Which I didn't mind because its my favorite thing to do, but I did feel a little bad for the Hubby who I know wanted to be on the floor.
Sunday I wore Sleeping Beauty. Where Capt America is easy to wear, Sleeping Beauty is not. The main reason is due to weight gain, so the top is a too small. Which makes it a ROYAL pain in the arse to get into. Once that headache is over its not to bad. It can be a pain on the Con floor because the skirts are just long enough that they get stepped on constantly. This time I had added stress because the wig was forgotten at home, and my hair had no intention of playing nicely. My eyelashes didn't want to stay put either. About halfway through the day I gave up and took them off.
But even with all its negatives it makes up for it rather quickly when I hear the little girl's Squeee "PRINCESS". I don't care how irritated I am or how much I have started to hurt, that puts a smile on my face. I had TONS of little girls ask for pictures which I of course obliged. I didn't take any with them, with my camera though. I just don't feel comfortable putting other people's children up on the web. I am not sure the etiquette on it, but I don't feel right. The few pics you have seen of children in costumes on my pages I have gotten permission from their parents first. But I was able to get a few pictures of Sleeping Beauty.
IMG_0573                         DSC_0641
And look I have pretty new sleeves! When I first made this costume it had sleeves, that were suppose to be tear-away so I could go into cheer mode for the Comic Con. Well they were nasty examples of sleevils. They were worn for the photos that needed to be submitted but that was about it. I couldn't get them to stay up on the day of the masquerade so they never even got used and have never been worn since.
I made this pair the week before Wonder Con. They are sooo much better.
At about 3 we headed home. It was a lot of fun but I was ready by then to get home. Plus we had to get ready for work and school the next day.
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I know I have been mentioning it a lot lately, sorry if you're getting sick of it. :) My Capt. America costume's updates are all complete except 2. I didn't finish the umbrella swags. I haven't figured out how I want to add them and it not look cheesy. Plus it needs to still open and closeSKS-700 properly. I will have to continue pondering on this one. The other fix my dad actually helped with. I couldn't figure out what exactly the belt and shoulder straps were suppose to be. I was starting to think it was artist taking liberties and their take on a shoulder/back gun harness. And it still might be. But I found a dead ringer for what it looks like. A WWII era Chinese SKS ammo holder. It may not look like much in the picture but it is spot on when worn. My dad's has the ammo pouches in the back, (Yea he just happened to have one lieing around :), ) but for my remake I am either taking the pouches off completely or only having a few. I mean cute giant butt bow will always come before spot on historical accuracy, right?
Today was suppose to be the photo shoot. Weather is mucking things up. Weather dropped about 20 degrees plus crazy wind and possible rain. BOO!!! I know professional photos are not required for the competition but I was really looking forward to it.
Speaking of the competition, Laura has been posting more information about upcoming challenges. https://shearmadnessblog.wordpress.com/ I am kind of excited. When I have challenges/deadlines get a lot done. I had tried to do the Historical Sew Fortnightly I had the first 3 or 4 planned out and didn't even finish the first one on time. 2 weeks was not possible for me to complete much. The shear madness challenges are 3 months long. Even with how slow I sew I KNOW those are doable.
I'm tossing ideas around for #2. Added bonus to this one, is CoCo's bonus track is accessories this year. I am leaning towards a bag/purse of some sorts. I have needed one for the past two years at Costume College.
I may have something for #3 also. Keeping that secret for now.
#4 and #5 I have nothing for yet. I am not stressing it though. This is suppose to be fun so if something comes to me I will go with it. If not I will admire all the ones who do enter.
#6 I have the PERFECT things to make. Hubby has told me since we were dating that he would wear a Renaissance costume. As long as it didn't involve tights. I have tried and tried to get him in one but he has made some excuse or another each time. Until we got him a Batman themed jerkin. So I am going to complete the outfit. And if I make him a Batman I have to make myself a Robin. He has to have a partner in crime. His Batman will be completed by this fair season so it won't fit into the timeline but my Robin should be a sure bet.
#7 I don't have a plan yet but I am up for the challenge of this one! I will have to clarify a few things when it gets closer. $50 limit, can we use stash for free? Does gifted fabric count as free? Those kind of things...
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I haven't actually sewn yet. I will be doing that as soon as I get off of here. My kitchen on the other hand is a quarter of the way through a DEEP clean.
I wanted to share my recent buys. All to help complete my Capt. America look.

These shoes: My hubby is not a fan. I showed them to him and he just frowned and shook his head. I told him what it was for and his face completely changed and he told me they would be perfect. I guess he thought I wanted to get them to wear everyday... Umm no... They have a 4" heel which would normally be murder on my ankles, BUT with the 2 or so inch platform it kills the total heel length vs. ankle battle. I will probably still bring a pair of flats when I go to cons though. All day on my feet even in flats is always painful.


I also bought this wig. It's coming from China so I hope it gets here before the competition deadline. If it doesn't I can continue to do things with my hair. I just haven't been happy with what I have been able to accomplish an I honestly think its because my hair is to long. I am going to keep playing with styles because I have a gut feeling it will come to late.

crop Capt. America

I did notice for the first time, She has a choker. I so have to make this also. It makes sense to me as he has a high collar on his costume. And more for me then anyone else. Left to do:
- Lace around leg cuffs
- Adjust neckline
- Choker
- Swags on umbrella?
- Belt and/or gun holster?
- Seal edges of long ribbons
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We forgot the memory card to the camera so these phone pictures are the best I am going to get this outing. But here is the new corset and butt bow.

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but I still want to do it! My CoCo sum up.

I had a fabulous time at Costume College this year.  Even a whole month later it is still brings a stupid smile to my face. Even with the stress of an impending TDY, horribly swollen ankles, and a near gala melt down, I can still say Fabulous time. I think it shows in just my anxiety levels. Last year I had a full out anxiety attack that my hubby had to talk me out of and I was near one several times. This year there were two times that I got to the stage of shaky, escalated heart rate, and tearing up/crying. The first one was Wednesday night. I couldn't figure out why but I knew the signs so I called my hubby. That man knows me to well... He told me,  that I was probably just getting overwhelmed. I had spent most the day traveling, 3 hours of which were on the 405 in construction traffic. After a good nights sleep I would be fine. And he was right. We even drove around the next day and I didn't have any problems at all.
Thursday we went.... )
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Still working like crazy but its fun!


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