Mar. 30th, 2016

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I finished my midterms early and find myself lost, not knowing what to do with all my free time.  It'd be nice if I could pick up and do something productive..... but I've been lacking any real motivation to do anything. Except maybe cuddle a certain furball and eat.  But I don't want to dwell on the bad. Thats part of why I maintain radio silence on here. I don't want you all to hate reading my posts because the are so bleak.
WonderCon was last weekend. I got sick the day before so I didn't wear costumes the full run. Can't say I was overly disappointed. I wore a Captain America dress and just wondered the con floor. Surprisingly I got a lot of complements on the dress. We had dinner, Friday, with [ profile] bauhausfrau,. I love seeing you all outside of CoCo. I think Meals were the highlights for me during the weekend. Friday with Loren and Saturday with military friends of the hubby and mine.
A few weeks back I was asked if I would make a Steampunk Captain America. I didn't think I would have time but it intrigued me. So I gave a tentive yes. I took the parts of my Burlesque Captain America and expanded on it. While Burlesque Captain America was tons of fun, especially with [ profile] gilded_garb as my Bucky, I always felt SUPER self-concious. I got some good pics out of it and nows its been morphed. And I like it. Its still just version one because I ran out of time. But I like it! I felt completely comfortable, and really pretty. I have a few plans to make it resemble his uniform a bit more. white undersleeves, red spats, a hat with veil and a bigger star on the chest.
Great day at #wondercon. finding food then deciding if the ankles can handle going back. #cosplayer #wondercon2016 #wondercon #captainamerica #steampunk#steampunk #captainamerica #wondercon #wondercon2016 #cosplayer #cosplay
I was a little sad because I loved it so much but didn't have a ton of requests for pics. I was crying about it to my hubby and he told me it was because they were sniping pics and not asking me for them. He also told me that as they passed me they would say how cool it is. I told him he was lying and he insisted. He was walking behind me most of the time so he noticed it. I'd be lying if I said I didn't need that morale boost.
Sunday I wore Harley.

My next project is to finish my Victorian Ballgown in a week so I have it for the ball. After that.... not sure. I am still in a major slump. TONS of CADD but no desire to actually sew.


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