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I finished up my hat. Going to wear it with the tilt and all. I used the same fabric and velvet ribbon that I used on the jacket to help them tie together and also help with the military look.

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 Trying to have a sew-a-thon this weekend in prep for CoCox2 stuff. Please oh please post your progress pics, your eye candy ANYTHING for inspiration!!!!! Hopefully I will drive you all nuts with my progress updates, because I will be making that much progress :).
Done so far. Hat pattern  for my steampunk costume ready to go and cutting it out now.
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Sorry for the walking dead picture. Hubby is one of the worst picture takers EVER!!!! No 1,2,3 or ready or anything. That and I was tired and stressing about money and just wanted to take the pics to get my mind off things. But here is a picture of the jacket complete except for some accessories.  Slight background of the project and more pictures on my blog. llyrafantasyfae.blogspot.com/2011/04/i-finished-up-new-piece-to-my-steampunk.html

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 Working away on my steampunk jacket. I am liking it... There has been parts I am frustrated about (like the edges around the collar not lying flat so you see the lining,) but I think I will be able to fix them. A few pics. It looks so much better in front of my eyes than it does in these pics though.
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I decided to just wear my steampunk costume for our Halloween party this year. I haven't gotten anything else done on it since Costume College but I didn't get any pictures of it at Costume College so I guess it sort of works out. Next outing will be the ice cream social at next year's Costume College.
Things I still want to get done on this one:
Jacket with tails or a bustle or something going on in the back, real clear right. ROFL
A pair of spats
A hat of sorts... I was thinking page boy hat... but now I'm not sure....
Incorporate goggles somewhere....
Fix the skirts hem, I sware it was even at some point
Many more accesories Its all about the trinkets.
If I'm really brave sorten a few of the bones in the corset. I am slightly afraid of taking it apart to do this though. I LOVE this corset's fit. I still can't believe my friend and I did this in only a week. It just has about 3, possibly 5, bones that are a bit to long. You can see this in the front now with the front top poking up.

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In attempts to get more done this year, because I am indeed the slowest sewer in the WORLD I am trying to do a little bit every day. Even if this only actually means me doing a few stitches, it's something. Since I was gone most of the day, because the hubby and I went to town to run errands I didn't get much done. I sorted and put the Rhinestones and Crystals I had pulled out for my Comic Con costume back in their proper places. I also ironed the 8 yards or so of bobbin lace that I am going to put onto the tiers of my Steampunk skirt. I didn't get to it before Costume College but I still have Halloween and next years Costume College Ice Cream social to wear this outfit so I am still plugging away at it. Trim the skirt, change the ribbon in the trim and take in the waist, will complete the skirt. YEA!!! Then just the spats and the Jacket and that outfit is at last done. Very excited about that because it is my own creation. First one that didn't come from a pattern or picture, and its almost done.
Well off to bed for me. I have alot of Cleaning, sewing, baking plans for tomorrow.
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Sadly this year was not as good as last year for me.  There wasn't as many classes that I was interested in. That is of course not their fault. I volunteer ALOT! Over 13 hours :) I think it was time well spent. I got to interact with more people that way.   Of course at the same time it was a bad thing. I only got to wave at a few LJ friends on my way to my next volunteer spot. And my room mate whom I was hoping to get to hang out with and get to know irl vs just on LJ I saw for maybe a half hour.  Otherwise we were sleeping or out. BOO. I got to say a few more words to a few LJ friends on the fabric tour on Monday but choose to split off in search of wool. No one else seemed to be wanting wool or linen and I didn't want ot be a pest. I was lucky enough to find some so it wasn't a total fail.
I got absolutely no pictures. :(
But I do have a few to share. Friday I wore my Steampunk Lolita costume. I got the most compliments on my watch holder so I figured I would put a pic up of it.
I think I like the fiddly bits of costuming best. The embroidery and jewlery making parts...
And now pictures of my scores from the LA fabric district.
Top middle is a blue/green and pink silk shot (close up pic on the right) I plan on making this into a stomacher. The threads on top of it are for embroidery. The red silk to the Left is for a Victorian riding habit. I have a black Thai silk to use with it also. The little packets on top of it are gold threads for metal embroidery I want to use on it. The cream in the middle is the wool I found. That will probably be one of the first projects I get to. I WILL finish the Italian version of the Autumn Dress this year!!!! And lastly is the cherry fabric. I plan on some summer pjs with those. I have lots of winter ones I make with the Black Friday sale Flannel. But I want some cute light weight ones.
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I am determined to have this skirt done before I go to bed. I have to sew the hem down and add the trim. I can't believe how long it has taken to gather, pin and sew the different tiers. I think before I attempt a skirt like this again I will need to invest in a gathering foot.
Plan is to get in about check in time tomorrow. Does anyone know if anything is going on Thursday. I don't want to do my normal thing of shying away and staying in my room the whole time but wondering aimlessly doesn't sound very fun either.
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They both conspired to eat my post at 3 in the morning. So I swore I hated them both and went to bed. Now 4 hours later I am wide awake. Booo. I finished my last tier of the skirt last night. It's to short. Very frustrating. Not 100% sure what I am going to do. Out of fabric, and that was bought almost 2 years ago now. Even if it wasn't I would have to drive two hours to get to the fabric store and back. That is quality sewing time. Boooooooo.

not to plan

Aug. 2nd, 2010 10:01 pm
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What I thought would be a quick skirt is foiling up my plan for quickness. The gathering is taking longer then I thought... the pinning it to the tier above it is.... taking longer then I thought. I was just foiled again by it. I didn't gather it tight enough the first time so I have to redo it. At about 8 yards a go that takes awhile. *sigh*
new longer more in depth sewing list )
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This training is seriously exhausting! I want it to be the weekend already. I know I know it will be friday in a matter of 3 hours but I am beyond done already. I have a BURNING desire to sew, even if it is just more boring quilt squares. Knowing how I feel right now though.... sleep is all I can garuntee for sure. Its sad too. I am MAYBE 2 inches from finishing one sleeves embroidery and I have not made my 4 a day quota in quite some time.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This does not include the Comic Con costume I HAVE to make, finishing both of my steampunk costumes, or starting my Autumn dress' undies. The are all musts in my eyes, that HAVE to be done before Costume College. And if I was to lose my mind completely I would say I want to finish the 50's dress that I had started, (It needs some adjustments to the bust darts and its one of those things that is being put to the side until I have lots of time to futz with it properly, since I have never tackled that type of fitting issue before.), my secret project's undies, and the Elizabethean version of the Autumn dress. *sigh*
I think I should go to bed and quit letting my delirious mind ramble.
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I am bad. I blame it on my LJ friends though. I bought wool because it was on sale. I have been wanting to make a flemish gown for some time now. Last year [livejournal.com profile] aviendiora  made one and that only intensified my desire to make one. So I bought the fabric for it. It is sorta silly for me to do that because it will be years probably before I get to it, but hey I will have the fabric for it. Honestly I was hoping to find some cream/white wool for the Autumn dress kirtle. No such luck. I also got some dark chocolate wool for my Lolita Steampunk outfit. I have changed the design slightly and I think the fabric will be perfect for it. Of course I won't know until I can see/feel it.


May. 2nd, 2009 09:42 pm
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Went to the Escondido Ren faire today. I so wish it was bigger.
My happy news is I decided to wear the Steampunk corset with my Ren skirts. I was basically being lazy and didn't want to work on the other bodice.
This is the gap in the back the last time I wore it. Sorry its sideways... its not in my folder.....

And this is when I wore it today. Tightened by the same person. Last time I was more uncomfortable, needing out after a few hours, then I was this time.

Isn't the shape it is giving me just awsome!
I am sort of sad though... To much more and I won't be able to use it :(
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I guess I got a bug for updating today. I did alot of picture sorting on my computer and updated... well no added another  page to my website. http://www.llyra-fantasyfae.com/splol.htm  Not alot of construction notes because it is so far past the point but its something.
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I know this is a little for a weekend update but I have been a little busy. So here goes.
I would say my weekend pretty much started on Friday. During the day I went over to Avien's house to try and finish working up a peasant's skirt that I was hoping to wear the next day. Even though she was trying to go from nights to days and was pretty tired she was still willing to help. Which is great because I was very lost. I think the most I got from that day was "half and half and half...." Yea... knife pleats are kind of confusing when you have a side opening, and want the front to be flat, to work around. After basting in the waistband and learning a new trick fro bias tape at the opening I took it all home to finish up. Needless to say after finishing up dinner, (Yummy speghetti,) I worked on the waistband and adding a ribbon trim till midnight. I was sort of sad. We only got 9-10 trick or treaters. :( I was really hoping to get more.
The next day I got up early so I could get ready and then go and help Avien get into her costume. Even with getting up early I was a few minutes late because I underestimated the time it would take to sew on the hook and eye to the waist band. I guess all and all it worked out though. Avien has getting into her costume down to an art so we were out of her house and back to mine before we thought we would. With all our delays we were on the road to the Ren faire right on time! We only stayed a few hours because of plans later in the evening but I still had fun. I missed the Ren faires soooooo much! I got some Ren faire food, got to shop, play with Crystal Stixs and watch a show. All and all it was good. I was a little disappointed... they didn't have a hair braider. *grrrr* I forgot my camera so I didn't get any pictures and when we got home I collapsed and drank close to a half a gallon of water. Pictures were quickly forgotten.
Later that night I went to a Halloween party I had been invited to by [livejournal.com profile] jainamsolo and her hubby. I was super happy to be invited. Thanks guys! It was fun. We played catchphrase which was alot of fun. I was a little lost on some of the conversation but that is what you get when you don't watch TV. Politics came up alot also. I think everyone there was for the opposite side... So I figured it would safe to stay quiet.
I wore my Steampunk Lolita costume. It is still not complete yet but its getting closer. Only one person made an attempt at who I was. Their guys was and Octoberfest barmaid.... not quite..... Again I forgot my camera but I made Chris take pictures of it afterwards. The second picture is the ruffle of the petticoat. I LOVE IT!!!! so I have to share.
Pics )


Sunday was a whole bunch of nothing. Well not totally nothing I have been working on a baby blanket. I pinned on the pale yellow satin binding. Hated it. Thought it looked trashy so I proceeded to make my own binding out of the extra blanket fabric. Sewed it all down. Now its just down to hand sewing.More Pics )


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My hubby is fired as photographer. He kept taking pics of me but all of them were just random crappy ones of things like my nose or arm. But I promised a pics so here is the best out of all that were taken of the costume I am working on.
steampunk lolita         steampunk lolita
The Cal City Ren faire was okay. It is very small. They had two clothing booths, one food booth, one stage and maybe 6-7 other booths. It did have a hair braider though... That was always a way to get points on the Llyra's Ranking of Ren faires meter.  So I say the faire is eh. Which is good, it wasn't Bleh... but it is just, eh.....



Oct. 16th, 2008 08:41 pm
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I finished up my steampunk lolita chemise. I am pretty happy with it. Only two things I can complain about. The first I could possibly fix if I find something better so I am hoping I find something better. In attempts to bring more steampunk into this costume I fashioned buttons out of gears and a bead... Its just sort of eh.... So on the look out for something yummier.... The other complaint is with the actual pattern. I can't really reach in front or across in front of myself. The back is to snug and I pop my buttons off... Yes I have already accomplished it once... Not sure how to fix that one because when I am standing in a neutral stance the back is sort of lose... Perhaps when I have the corset on this will go away or not be noticable... or it will make it worse... one or the two. *grin*
Pics to come after the faire. My hubby is good for one lacing into a corset every..... 6 months or so, if I have him lace me into it today he won't this weekend.


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